Hi everyone,

Apologies for posting this in several of the forums but I wasn’t sure of the best one and thought I’d cover all bases!

I have spoken and emailed with a few of the munch organizers across Germany who advised this would be the best place to reach you all and get in contact!

I am writing from a UK production company called Minnow films who for the past 6 months or so have been making a documentary film about AB’s/DL’s in the UK . This film looks at the community in a very sensitive and intelligent manner (something which Minnow are renowned for) and the real objective is to change the way that we have seen AB’s in past media. I feel previous examples have been quite negative , sensationalized and extreme, often isolating individuals and this film aims to ‘normalise’, following everyday individuals from all walks of life who can express in their own words what their AB side gives them. It has so far been a very positive experience for all involved and will hopefully address some of the stigma attached to the AB scene here in the UK. Here is a link to the minnow website http://www.minnowfilms.co.uk/in-production/index.html

As part of this we have been to the US already with some Brits but I am also keen to show more international AB’s and particularly the German community as its so encouraging that the social meet up side of things is very active, unlike the UK.
Ideally I would be looking to get in touch with some AB’s/ DL’s who would be open to speaking briefly about the German community and then taking a trip over to Germany and leading us to see some of the bigger meet ups that go on- such as Windelfreizeit and the many munches that happen locally.

If we were to go with someone to such an event anyone else at said event (if it was a possibility of course) would not be identified directly, the real purpose would be to show the numbers and that there is a busy and active scene rather than individual stories in depth- which we are covering in the UK. I feel these kind of events are a very positive example of the social side and show just how many people are in the community which will help to educate the public but also those who are feeling lost and alone in the scene. In terms of exposure, it is for UK broadcast so unlike the Brits we have involved it wont be viewed in Germany or unlikely seen over there by many unless actively sought out. I would be really keen to speak to anyone to explain further and see how we may be able to explore Germany in some way and help show a rounded view of ABDL’s. Please say hello on the details below and hopefully I will speak to some of you soon.

I do apologise for writing this message in English (I doubt my poor attempt at German would be appreciated!) but equally as I am looking really to get in touch with people who can converse in English for the project it seems fitting!




NB: Apologies to anyone who may not wish to be involved with anything of this nature and takes any offence, this is not at all my intention and please feel free to move on and ignore this message if this is the case. For those who do wish to find out more, speak out positively about the AB world in a small way and the German community I look forward to hearing from you.