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09.02.2013, 10:58
I found this article about the branding of procter&gamble diapers in the last 30 years, how they introduced Pampers and Luvs, and what kind of problems arose from creating those two brands.

I found it quite interesting to read.

09.02.2013, 17:02
Since you are talking about the branding of P&G, this might be quite interesting 30 years of videos advertising pampers (http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/adviews_pampers/)

Jona Windeltiger
09.02.2013, 18:58
A better product fulfilled an unmet consumer need, delivered a better user experience

An iDiaper. So to say :D

Thanks a lot for sharing :)
Quite interesting...

I think there are fotos of me as a small kid with as well Luvs and Pampers packing.

PS: Windelpackung: Ist packing da richtig? Habe ich mich immer schon gefragt...

09.02.2013, 19:04
Original von Jona Windeltiger

PS: Windelpackung: Ist packing da richtig? Habe ich mich immer schon gefragt...

I am not sure, but I have never heard of the expression. I would rather use the word "wrapping".
"Photos of me nicely wrapped into both, Luvs and Pampers."
If this is proper english, i am not sure,

Jona Windeltiger
09.02.2013, 19:19
*hihi* What I meant is "Windelpaket" or "Windelpackung". So what you can buy at a store and not what you can put your kid into at a changing table ;)

*my mistake*

09.02.2013, 19:23
your parents took photos with you and a pack of nappies?
..... whatever,....

In this case, I guess pack is the right word, or Box,
or if you want specifically refer to it as a branded box, you might also say packaging,

Jona Windeltiger
09.02.2013, 20:04
Common... They are somewhere in the picture^^
May be already used for something else. It still was the time of cardboard diaper boxes^^

But thanx!