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08.12.2010, 05:46
Hey all y'all!!!

Just out of curiosity... Is there any active member from the U.S. here on WB just like me? Well... Most likely not. Tho', guess it's worth a question. ;)

Thanks for getting back to me!

Luv, Jess

08.12.2010, 17:07
I know we had some US visitors in the forum from time to time, but you are the only currently active one I know of. And while I know quite some US diaper wearers (mostly from Florida), none of those speak German.
Anyway: Great to have you around.


08.12.2010, 17:33
Just out of curiosity: Is there THE english speaking AB/DL forum? I found quite a few communities, but they were all rather small compared to ours.

08.12.2010, 19:45

I write on www.dailydiapers.com and www.diaperspace.com : I was an exchange student to the US.


08.12.2010, 20:08

am ehesten vergleichbar mit der WBC

09.12.2010, 01:01
Adisc is definately one of the bigger and more serious communities. It's pretty international, even with a few German members (even though we have a pretty big and helpful German community with this website here) and a German moderator.

I really like their chat/IRC channel. The babyfur roleplaying gets out of hand sometimes, but it's kind of interesting, too. A few years ago I was also pretty active on teenbabynet.org (chat and board), but that community became smaller over time, with some active members also registering on adisc when the post frequency on tbn went downhill.

On the topic of the OPs question: I'm not really sure. As far as I noticed (and I only check this board very infrequently) there aren't too many english speaking foreigners participating on this website. Not even some Dutch people who sometimes have less problems with the German language. Maybe we need some wb-diplomats to kick-start some relationships with foreign boards ;-). As somebody who knows adisc and some other english websites on this topic I always get the hard to describe impression that there are noticeable differences between the German stereotypical AB/DL and AB/DLs who also frequent english boards :-)

09.12.2010, 04:24
Hi everybody,

Well, first of all, let me say thanks for all your lovely replies to my initial question. I really love and enjoyed this community board so far. Umm, okay, there were some minor issues which I remember pretty well that went slightly overboard, but overall, there's some interesting and worthy information about the whole diaper stuff. I also noticed that people try hard to behave themselves. So it's a good and nice place to be! Unless some of the individuals tried to insult me as a person in consequence of my second origin when I joined back then. 8-)

Actually, the reason why I asked this silly question is that I met another bi-lingual guy here a while ago. IIRC his father was American and his mother German (or vice versa). We talked about our different roots, cultures, education systems and stuff like that. It was all quite interesting, and the both of us enjoyed our conversations a lot.

I just can speak for myself, but I only deal with diaperspace.com and this board here so it stays clear.

Thanks again for all your kind responses. See y'all around! ;)


16.12.2010, 09:52
Way to go, Jess!

Well, I am not an American, but lived a couple of years in Canada, yet again, not America. On vacation, my parents flew with us 4 Kids to Jax, most of the years. Btw. There are a few Americans in the Chatroom every now and then, one is almost every morning (CET), but I think you know that already.

Have fun here and if there are question, don't hesitate to ask. On a personal note:
If I can help you, pm me every time you want.

19.12.2010, 17:29
Great to see that international people are coming to visit us here.

Me myself am currently living in Michigan but was a born German.

31.12.2010, 19:23
Pretty kewl Pummes! Great to see sum other fellas here on WBC. :ja: I bet MI is a nice place to be.

27.04.2011, 19:41
I have also never been to America but have lived in Africa for 25 odd years and now live in Ireland. Although I've been back to Germany on a few occasions in the last 8 years, it was purely for leisure and never to live.
I enjoy reading here a lot to keep my hand in and it's good practice to write the occasional contribution.
Hope to see some more English speakers here. Maybe even some people who are fluent in both or several languages.

28.04.2011, 22:59
you're living in Cork ? Are you probably working for Blizzard Entertainment? :D
sorry 4 offtopic :P

29.04.2011, 00:09
xD LoL TheDL :D

a typical nerd asking :D

29.04.2011, 09:59
In correct English:

LoL TheDL :D
a typical nerd question :D

29.04.2011, 11:10
ahh i was know that i make a FAIL!

but asking and question 98% the same?! ;)

29.04.2011, 12:26
Original von Alessia
ahh i was know that i make a FAIL!

And that's the real failure now :P

29.04.2011, 14:10
ach FU! mein englisch ist halt echt fürn arsch^^
aber die ganzen noob gaming kiddys verstehn mich also reichts :P

29.04.2011, 18:30

asking: das Aufgebot
das Bitten
die Forderung
das Fragen
das Verlangen

question: die Frage

13.11.2012, 10:25
I know it's been a while... But to all my former homies on here, listen up!

Shoot me a line if you'd like to add me on Facebook and I will approve you straight away. No weirdos and creepers please! Thx!

15.11.2012, 09:45
But make sure you allow messages so i can reply.... Some of you don't! :kratz: