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03.01.2010, 20:27
Hi folks,

for all of you with good English skills I recommend to have a good look
at the following very interesting page.


the page is mainly dedicated to teen babies and their parents.

My personal opinion is: I never found anything better elsewhere in
the internet .

The page offers a great variety of very good and open-minded approaches
and possible ways how to deal best with their diaper loving kids. various
possibilities are offered to the parents.

enjoy reading

Although the content of the stories in the Testimonials section is often a bit sad
I found it really fascinating to read the true story of other AB/DL`s and see that there
are some parellels to my own story

Captain Felix
04.01.2010, 17:12
Wow, that is really a great site. Too bad it seems the last updates are from approx. 8 years ago. On the home page it says it's just a mirror - is the real page still being updated?

I wish I could have shown that site to my parents during those difficult years. It would probably also have helped me a lot in terms of coping with myself. A pity that I didn't have access to the internet at that time, not to mention I didn't speak English then.

It sounds like adult infantilists do pretty good once they survive those tough teen years.
I can definitely confirm that. I'm not saying that I am through most of my adult life by now, but as you grow up you learn so much about the world, society and how to find your place in it. At first it was very hard for me to accept myself the way I was - I was still hanging on to the illusion of a just universe that was punishing me for whatever I had done - especially when I realized that my behaviour was not what society expected from an 8 year old. I felt I couldn't tell anyone, after all I was the one with the abnormal behaviour and would only expose myself to ridicule, should anyone find out. It started getting better when I decided there was no god at the age of about 12 - finally I realized that the universe was simply random and I didn't do anything to deserve my treatment. That doesn't mean that all my troubles just dissolved, they just became more manageable. I started feeling not like shit for the first time again at the age of about 16 to 18, when I had finally managed to stop judging myself by the opinions of other people. Since then I haven't had any serious issues with myself.

Having said that, I really wish that I had known lots of stuff much earlier in my life. I can see now why people always kept telling me that childhood is the happiest part of your life. I can't say that applied for me, but I can see how it must have been for other people.

I wish I could relive that time with all the knowledge I have now. Don't we all? ;)

16.01.2010, 21:18
Vad ska det betyda att skriva bara paa engelska ???

16.01.2010, 22:42
여기가 국제 팔뿐만 아니라 누구도 아닌 독일어를 읽을 수있는 사람입니다.
Вот это международное подразделение, а также читать люди, которые не понимают немецкого языка.
Detta här är den internationella armen, samt läsa folk som kan ingen tyska.

17.01.2010, 10:14
Sorry, ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.
:( :(

12.04.2010, 21:15
solo comprende ´sorry´ ... como es ?´Bahnhof´¿ :P

17.04.2010, 19:00
The sid is great,but very old.Our community is living,every day new opinion`s.

24.04.2010, 17:45
Original von Spatz
The sid is great,but very old.

hhmmm ... may be this site in a few years will be one for diaper parents ... without an update in the future for diapered grandfathers ... :D

24.04.2010, 18:56
Damn.. Just shut the fuck up :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P :P :P :P

25.04.2010, 15:48
LOL ... where´s the problem? udated diaper sites are always for different people
without udate they are for one and the same a hole life long :ja:

09.09.2011, 20:13
Damn !
This site is the best i have ever seen.
There are informations, about how to tell your parents your secret.
It's just great and I'm very surprised how greatfully it works !