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21.01.2006, 20:38
About AB/DL:

Everyone always says that there are two sides to the ABDL fetish:

Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers.

I don't agree. I think those who wear diapers can fall into many categories,
such as:

1. AB: [Adult Baby]
Adults who like to dress and behave like Babies.

2. DL: [Diaper Lover]
Adults who just love to wear and/or wet and mess diapers.

3. IDL: [Incontinent Diaper Lover]
Incontinence adults who have found a way to make the medical need for
diapers more fun.

4. JD: [It's Just a Diaper]
People who just find diapers comfortable, and don't really care about
using them, or playing with toys. It's just another choice besides boxers or

5. VDL: [Voyeur Diaper Lover] Adults who can't wear diapers, or don't even want
to. But just enjoy seeing photos of adults who do, and talking to them.

6. JF: [Jaded Fetish] Some people just like to try new things, and eventually,
they get down to diapers or that thing with a hamster and roll of duct tape.

My Views:

Most diaper fetishes aren't really sexual in nature, it's just a choice in underwear, a
fun game to play, or an escape from a mature adult world that often sucks!

To be sure most guys get an erection the first time they put a diaper on, but that's more of an emotional release than a sexual one.

After a while, you don't get stimulated at all by diapering yourself - and yet, you still like to wear the diaper.

No matter what the reason you wear them; be it medical need, or just plain fun - the bottom line is what kind of underwear you like to wear is no big deal and there are just as many people wetting their pants and underwear than diapers!

22.01.2006, 22:58

dont think to much about the definitions.

for me is a diaper a sexual thing and on the other side can it be also an asexual thing. I made the last few days another step from dl nearer to the ab. I think most of the people arent a 100% dl oder ab. My opinion is that most ab/dl or whatever you said on your definitions cant be seperated so strictly.

i think im about 60% ab and 40% dl. Explanation: 60% ab, cause i like dressing and acting as a baby, but also masturbating in diapers and that definitly doesnt suit to an ab ;-)

By the way, what are the definitions good for????

06.01.2007, 05:53
my definition:
dl: someone who wears als likes diapers
ab: someone who likes to behave like a baby


18.01.2007, 20:16
Xaser is right. Those are the only definitions that are regarded by everyone. Those other ones I've never heard used...